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Canine Camping

Your pets will certainly not be "ruff-ing it" while camping with us.  All canine cottages and cabins are top of the line, spacious and climate controlled.  In order to make your pet feel more at home in his/her environment, each cabin features large windows and an elevated cot, with a blanket, for added comfort.  (No sleeping directly on hard floors for our campers!)



Rules for our Canine Campers:

  • Must submit veterinary records indicating he/she is up to date on the following vaccinations:  rabies, distemper, parvo and bordetella


  • Must be up to date on flea/tick prevention prior to camping with us.

We strive to have a pest-free environment, so campers will be inspected for fleas prior to admittance, and if fleas/ticks are discovered, he/she will be given appropriate flea/tick removal treatment at the owner's additional expense


  • We highly recommend bringing your pet's food from home, in order to reduce tummy upset.

We do have House Food here, at a cost of $3/day per pet

  • All Food brought from home must be bagged into individual servings for morning and evening feedings for each pet (a few extra servings should also be included)


  • Bedding, toys and treats may be sent in from home, as long as pup is found to be flea/tick free.

  • We do accept both doggies and kitties who have not been spayed or neutered.

However, please understand that if a pet is in heat at the time of drop off, then we will NOT be able to accept her into the building for any services.  Additionally, if she comes into heat while being boarded with us, then the owner(s) will be required to have someone pick her up as soon as possible, for both the safety of her and the other campers who are here.

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