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Pet Grooming

Grooming is available for all canine camper breeds, as well as for kitty campers.  (We've even been known to groom other species on occasion!)  Each of our Camp Groomers are highly experienced, so you can feel at ease knowing your 4-legged baby is in highly skilled and professional hands.


Our in-house bathers and groomers always pay extra attention to the individual needs of camp members who visit us for baths, grooming or nail trims.  If your fur baby has special needs, bring it to our attention and we will work together to develop a grooming/bathing plan to best meet his/her needs.  We always guarantee that everybody goes home trimmed, clean, and fresh!


Grooming:  Starts at $50 and up depending on



Bathing:  Starts at $30 and up depending on 



Nail Clip/Dremel:  Starts at $20 and up depending on




*please contact us for a specific price quote

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